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Technical Aspects

Research and Development:

Our Research and Development is a great key strength for the company in growing. The cochin packagings believe in developing new products for a safe, healthy, and eco-friendly environment. The main aim of the R&D department is to re-create a green revolution for the future generation.

Quality Control:

Since the foundation of The Cochin Packagings, we have achieved the reputation of producing high-quality, trustworthy and cost-effective products for the domestic and export market. The manufacturing facility and the processes are effectively handled by our QC specialists in meeting the quality requirements. The quality issues of the incoming materials are measured and analyzed before manufacturing.

Procedure & Testing Details

  • All the raw materials are thoroughly tested before production.
  • Pre-Production: The raw materials are inspected to ensure that they have reached the client's requirements. If any issues are encountered, the QC specialists will report them to the QC supervisor.
  • Production Lines: As a part of random sample testing, our QC members will select samples randomly and check them for defects. If the defect exceeds the pre-assigned % of errors, then the entire production line will be reviewed.
  • Post-Production: Once the production is finished, our QC controllers will perform a visual quality check on every finished product to ensure it's qualified for sale.

Our Products

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